Friday, July 20, 2012


Always dread going to the dentist.    This time I resigned myself to it, tried to have no feelings about it whatsoever in order to not stress myself out.   Brought a book I’m really into to read for distraction.    Sit down in the chair and get concerned when the tech asks me which tooth it is……seriously?! don’t know?!   I make sure he is sure of which tooth we are talking about before we get started.   First they numb my mouth and give me shots so I don’t feel anything.   This in itself is awful.   The stuff they use to numb your mouth tastes funny & the shots still hurt like a motherfucker no matter how much numbing shit they put on your gums.   Then I get to sit there and wait…..wait for the numbness to take over so the torture can begin………
Now the torture begins.   Let me tell you what my dentist visit is about today.   I have  perfectly good crown on a tooth that already had a root canal in the past, but the seal is broken which means food is getting in there.   It will eventually cause me pain and suffering, and since I had insurance for a whole month (wow, am I a lucky girl!) and they decided to FINALLY approve my getting a new crown I am getting the crown removed and a new one will be placed on it.   I’m kind of upset since I currently have no pain, and now I am going to have pain!
Since the crown is in good condition except for the seal, the damn thing does not want to come off.   Did I mention that it is all the way in the back on the bottom (nice!)?!   And did I mention that I have TMJ so it really pains me to open my mouth really wide (nice again!)?!
So now the torture has really begun.   The master of torture gets out his evil tools, my favorites being the hammer (not kidding!) and the SAW (yes, a fucking saw!)   Took over an hour to get the bastard off….my jaw is throbbing and popping and I’m afraid it might get stuck.
Had all kinds of panic take over……started to sweat then started getting the chills……..
We got it done……2 and ½ hours later!, I’m ready to finally leave.   My jaw has been throbbing for quite some time already and I dread when the shot wears off because the real pain is going to start. 
And I don't understand how I can be hungry after all this…..but hungry I am.
So I decide to treat myself to a nice dinner.   I go to the Elephant Bar and have my new favorite dish there.   First of all it is extremely pitiful to be in a place like that eating by yourself.    Thankfully, the waiter put me in a booth in the back.   It was nice for all of 10 minutes.   Then this older couple came in and sat in the booth next to me…..still okay…..until their awful grandson comes in to meet them.   He is an actor (geez, really?!), or at least a want to be actor.  He goes on and on talking about the stage and performing and NY and all this other crap that no one wants to hear about (least of all me!) and he just goes on and on talking.  Then he starts talking about his motorcycle and this stupid thing he did at the DMV and how he has learned from his mistake.   Then he goes on to say how “when he was young”… (you are YOUNG you obnoxious little shit!)  Seriously……I couldn’t take much more.   He just kept talking and talking and talking, even after his food came.   I thought I would get a small reprieve because he needed to take time to chew!    The worst thing is that I cannot tune stuff out.   I have this super radar and I can hear everything that goes on in the tables around me… is a curse!
It was not a pleasant experience listening to this obnoxious young want to be actor go on and on talking about himself, and having to chew on one side of my mouth, and having the pain setting in.   But I managed to eat, popped some Advil, and got out of there without killing anyone!
Hope you had a better day than I did……..