Friday, March 9, 2012


I am sick and tired of the rudeness of people at REDBOX kiosks who think the world revolves around them! Order your friggin movie online like I do. I don't have a fancy smart phone or an IPAD, I just have a computer. Most people either have a computer or have access to one. I don't want to hear a 15 minute argument about what movies you want to see or don't want to those issues out on our own time! I don't want to hear you on the phone with someone describing the movies to them! I don't want to watch you go through and read all the movies before deciding! And I don’t want to hear an argument between you and your kids regarding how many movies they can rent or be allowed to see!  Do that shit at home on your own time!  And speaking of kids….it is not okay for them to stand there and press all the buttons, watch your damn kids!  And must the whole family come to the damn kiosk……seriously?!......the whole damn family!
And guess what!   The movie you want might not be at that particular kiosk…..oh the horror!


I find it unnecessary and extremely rude that some people think it is okay to express their opinion anytime they want.  There is a time and place for everything and that goes for your opinion.  
Facebook for example…..if you don’t like something or find it offensive, just ignore it or delete it, it is not necessary to express your negativity (and this is coming from the Queen of Negativity!) 

There are many things that drive me crazy that people discuss and post especially on Facebook and I just roll my eyes and mutter to myself and move on (and this is coming from someone who has issues with moving on!)
And I’m just sick of making excuses for people….”oh, they are just that way, ha ha ha”… dammit, it is not okay!   I always think before I speak or act, I put a lot of thought into something I say or do as to not offend anyone.   I expect the same consideration.   It is just downright rude!   It is not okay to be rude!

I’m already not popular and have nothing more to lose, I have a defriend button and I know how to use it!