Monday, September 24, 2012



So I’m sitting in the car in front of my house getting ready to leave to go to an appointment.    I see this little squirrel run across the street.   I sit there worried for him, hoping he will make it across the street before some car comes speeding down the street and runs him over.   Little did I know, he has other problems at the moment….. he is running from a cat.   This cat comes running across the street and chases the squirrel back and forth across the street.   I’m sitting there horrified……really?! Is this how I am going to start my day?!  Do I really have to witness a cat kill a squirrel right in front of me?!   Doesn’t my life already suck enough already…….do I have to have that visual in my head?! I know the cat has to eat and it’s the circle of life and all, but I don’t want to witness it.   Anyways, so I’m sitting there and I’m like, “run little squirrel……run!”   The little squirrel runs up a tree and I’m like, “good, run to safety little one!”   Then it occurs to me…….shit, cats can climb trees too can’t they?   I have to believe that the little squirrel was too fast for that cat and it got away.    I hope the squirrel had a happy ending and the cat found something else to eat.   It’s the only ending to this story that I can deal with at the moment.


  1. Ms. Cat couldn't be arsed to climb the tree and found that someone had left out a lovely bowl of kibble for her. Mr. Squirrel found some amazing acorns and lived in the tree happily ever after. The End.

    Stuff like this drives me bonkers, too. And it's such a damn short drive for me!! Great post, Kranky!

  2. Great ending to this story.....would like to hope it ended this way. thanks so much IK......